Services of Integra Servicing

Integra provides comprehensive third-party collection services to HOAs. We work closely and individually with each Board to ensure our services are customized to the needs of the association. We also attend meetings and work with Boards to create tailored solutions when necessary and appropriate. Standard operational procedures include but are not limited to:

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Services

  • Intent to Lien
  • Notice of Delinquent Assessment Lien
  • Pre-Notice of Default Letter
  • Notice of Default and Election to Sell
  • Notice of Sale
  • Sale Day
  • Post Forclosure
  • Integra is a partner with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and a proud member of ACA International - the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.

    Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACA International serves members in the United States, Canada and 60 other countries worldwide. ACA has approximately 5,000 members including third-party collection agencies, credit grantors, attorneys and vendor affiliates.