Integra Servicing

Management of Integra Servicing has a proven record of success in finding solutions and recovery efforts for mortgage resolution obligations in the vacation ownership industry.

With over 10 years combined experience servicing the vacation ownership industry, management has been responsible for mortgage resolutions and portfolio servicing of more than 45,000 active mortgage accounts with principle balances in excess of $350 million and consumers located across all 50 states, successfully reducing annualized default rates.

Key to its success, Integra Servicing maintains industry specific knowledge and an affiliation with property management companies, vacation ownership developers and lenders. This affiliation allows Integra Servicing while a third party, the ability to resolve miscommunication and work with all parties for the most advantageous recovery solutions.

1-877-7ntegra (1-877-768-3472)

  • Integra Servicing Gains Membership in International Trade Association
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  • Origin Resort Financial selects Integra Servicing as Recovery and Resolution Agent.
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