Services of
Integra Servicing

Integra Servicing is a fully licensed and bonded third party collection company
that offers debt resolution and recovery services such as:
  • Payment plans
  • Deeds in lieu
  • Quit claim administration
  • Foreclosure processing and facilitation
  • Loan modifications
    (depending on the recovery strategy of the client)

Capable of handling early stage delinquencies as well as late stage or special servicing needs, Integra Servicing can craft a resolution and recovery strategy custom to the needs of the client.

Acting as an agent only, Integra Servicing contracts out payment processing allowing cash payments to be processed independently and deposited directly into a client controlled bank account.

1-877-7ntegra (1-877-768-3472)

  • Integra Servicing Gains Membership in International Trade Association
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  • Origin Resort Financial selects Integra Servicing as Recovery and Resolution Agent.
If you have any questions related to Integra Servicing, please contact our information office at: [email protected].

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